Business Continuity During COVID-19

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Business continuity – how long will the current crisis last?

The coronavirus pandemic is an unprecedented global event that requires optimal process management, organizational readiness, and the application of lessons learned. Business continuity management enables an organization to conduct itself effectively during times of crisis. By creating customized, precisely-defined procedures and increased oversight, the organization can operate in accordance with guidelines at every instance, enabling it to weather the crisis with minimal damage. Then, once the crisis has passed, the organization can return to full, normal operations.

During this crisis, BLP is working closely with company managements to help them stand firm in the face of this turbulent period, recommending courses of activity in line with the government’s (ad hoc) directives. By cooperating with various regulatory bodies and the company managers, we have been able to isolate cases of infection without harming the broader production and sales processes. We create work plans and procedures that enable continued operation, manage risks in collaboration with all the relevant parties, and continue to prepare for all eventualities.

BLP conducts assessments, briefs managers, uncovers incidents, and creates customized security plans, providing employees with security. In this way, incidents that could have harmed the organization are exposed and stopped in their tracks, and we become the effective support system for the business continuity process.

We are standing ready to help your company manage the crisis today and prepare effectively for the future.

Contact us today for advice and guidance.

I wish you a very happy, healthy Passover.

Shimon Kahana – April 6, 2020

המשכיות עסקית משבר קורונה